Why choose Ecotec?

Energy Saving Windows – whether you choose single or double glazing, our energy efficient windows will keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Our double weatherseal system means there are no draughts of cold air. On top of that, our frames are extremely thermally efficient. A single glazed Ecotec window conducts 22% less heat than an average aluminium window, and a double glazed Ecotec window will conduct an amazing 59% less! That’s a lot less strain on your electricity bill, making our windows truly energy efficient.

Made to measure – all our windows and doors are bespoke. We don’t tie you down to standard styles and sizes. If what you want is practical, we will make it for you.

Durability – Ecotec windows will not corrode, rot, warp or twist. You will never have to paint them or replace putty. Just keep them clean and lubricate the hinges occasionally, and that’s all there is to it! You can look forward to many years of service from your windows with the absolute minimum of effort in caring for them.

Noise reduction – if you find outside noise is an intrusive problem in your home, choose a double glazed Ecotec window. Standard 4mm glass/16mm air gap/4mm glass double glazing will reduce outside noise by nearly a half, or 31dB. Choose 6.38mm laminated glass/14mm air gap/4mm glass and the reduction goes up to 34dB. This means not only do you significantly cut down on noise nuisance, but the laminated Intruderprufe™ glass gives you a lot more security.

Environmentally friendly – a thermally efficient home means less energy consumed and reduced environmental impact. uPVC profiles are 100% recyclable – even the off-cuts from our factory are recycled into other products. Using uPVC instead of timber also reduces deforestation.